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Women's Soccer Team Connects to Alumni

Women's Soccer Team Connects to Alumni

The Pacific Lutheran women's soccer team faced off against a group of Lutes alumni on Saturday, April 27, with fellowship and a connection from the former to the present the focus of the event.

"It was strange putting on the alumni jersey for the first time, but it was so much fun to be able to reconnect with past teammates and play with them again," said Mimi Granlund, who this past fall completed her four-year career at PLU.

"I so appreciated the effort and planning that went into the day, but even more than that, I appreciated the focus being not so much on the 'game' as rather celebrating the program.  I was honored to speak to the team a little bit about the history of PLU soccer and to let the players know what a special place PLU is.  I'm looking forward to following the team next season and hopefully recruiting a larger alumni showing for next year's game," stated Stacey Waterworth, who served as a PLU assistant coach after playing from 1983-86.

The current Lutes won the match, 7-0, with goals scored by Lauren Larson (2), Samantha Benner, Kelsi Woods, Jamie Hoffman, Nicoya Benham-Marin, and Blake Warner. A total of 17 alums played, and there was a post-match pizza feed for all of the players.

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