April 16, 2010

Lutes Row at Conference Championships

LUTES AT CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Pacific Lutheran will test itself against the best Division II and Division III schools in the region this Saturday when it competes at the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference (NCRC) Championships on Vancouver Lake. The NCRC is made up of Division III schools PLU, Puget Sound, Willamette and Lewis & Clark and Division II schools Western Washington, Humboldt State and Seattle Pacific.

LAST YEAR'S NCRC RESULTS: Western Washington used its dominance in the women's division to win the overall NCRC championship, while PLU brought up the rear. Western's women scored 136 points compared to second-place Puget Sound with 68. On the men's side of the ledger, the two teams traded spots, Puget Sound winning with 84 points compared to 50 for Western. The overall point totals showed Western with 186, followed by Puget Sound with 152. The PLU women's placed sixth out of seven teams while the PLU men were seventh. Pacific Lutheran's best individual event showing came in women's apair where Amber Iverson and Kat Jenkins placed second to Lewis & Clark. Iverson and Jenkins, both of whom earned All-America status as PLU rowers, have since graduated.


Men's Varsity 8+: Nichole Fast (Tacoma, Wash.); Jacob Huntington (Olympia, Wash.); Mark Christensen (Idaho Falls, Idaho); Ivan Dennison (Tacoma, Wash.); Steve Rystrom (Bellingham, Wash.); Bryan Pascoe (Puyallup, Wash.); Mitchel Brown (Olympia, Wash.); Chad Hall (Chugiak, Alaska); Sam Whedon (Vancouver, Wash.).

Men's Varsity Lightweight 4+: Natalie Journey (Poulsbo, Wash.); Chad Hall (Chugiak, Alaska); Sam Whedon (Vancouver, Wash.); Bryan Pascoe (Puyallup, Wash.); Stephen Strom (Seattle, Wash.).

Varsity Women's Pair: Audra Stafford (Tumwater, Wash.); Abby Smith (Seattle, Wash.).

Varsity Women's 8+: Natalie Journey (Poulsbo,Wash.); Audra Stafford (Tumwater, Wash.); Erin Siebert (Bothell, Wash.); Hannah Peay; Abby Smith (Seattle, Wash.); Megan Anderson (Kirkland, Wash.); Ashley Christie (Colville, Wash.); Rachel Kisling (Portland, Ore.); Carolyn Ranten.

Novice Women's 8+: Mellissa Severson-Hampton (Tacoma, Wash.); Laikyn Bentley-Vertress (Tumwater, Wash.); Yvonne Garton (Port Orchard, Wash.); Merrick Keim (Anchorage, Alaska); Siri Imsland (Colville, Wash.); Ashley Vangen (Tacoma, Wash.); Ashley Hull (Fargo, N.D.); Kaia Fink (Minneapolis, Minn.); Carolyn Ranten.

Novice Men's 4+: Nichole Fast (Tacoma, Wash.); Cullen Stafford (Tumwater, Wash.); Mitchel Brown (Olympia, Wash.); Bryan Pascoe (Puyallup, Wash.); Joseph Perez.

Varsity Men's 4+: Nichole Fast (Tacoma, Wash.); JacobHuntington (Olympia, Wash.); Mark Christensen (Idaho Falls, Idaho); Cullen Stafford (Tumwater, Wash.); Joseph Perez.

Varsity Women's Lightweight 4+: Mellissa severson-Hampton (Tacoma, Wash.); Erin Sieberg (Bothell, Wash.); Rachel Kisling (Portland, Ore.); Ashley Hull (Fargo, N.D.); Nichole Fast (Tacoma, Wash.).

Novice Women's 4+: Natalie Journey (Poulsbo, Wash.); Ashley Christie (Colville, Wash.); Hannah Peay; Laikyn Bentley-Vertrees (Tumwater, Wash.); Yvonne Garton (Port Orchard, Wash.).

MEN'S VARSITY 8+ WINS AT COVERED BRIDGE: Pacific Lutheran powered away from six competitors to win the Men's Collegiate Varsity 8 race at the Covered Bridge Regatta held last Saturday on Dexter Lake near Eugene, Ore. The Lutes finished the course in a time of 6:50.53, more than 10 seconds faster than runner-up Seattle U., which clocked 7:00.79. Members of the PLU men's varsity 8 are Nichole Fast, Jacob Huntington, Mark Christensen, Ivan Dennison, Steven Rystrom, Bryan Pascoe, Mitchell Brown, Chad Hall and Sam Whedon. The victory was the first for any of the PLU rowers, including Chad Hall, the only senior rower, in any varsity 8 competition. Other results from the Covered Bridge: the women's varsity pair placed third out of three, the men's varsity 4 placed fourth out of seven, and the women's varsity 8 finished fourth out of six.

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