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November 5, 2011

Lutes Trek to Seattle for Head of the Lake

Pacific Lutheran will compete in its only fall season competition this Sunday when the men's and women's varsity 8 boats row at the Head of the Lake Regatta in Seattle. Racing begins at 8 a.m.

The Head of the Lake is a head race in which crews take off in staggered starts and race over a course of approximately three miles.

The course starts in Lake Union along "boathouse row" with Seattle's iconic Space Needle in view. Rowers wind beneath the University Bridge into Portage Bay and through the Montlake Cut to Lake Washington where the course turns back toward Husky Stadium to the finish line near the entrance to Conibear Shellhouse at the University of Washington.

A shortened course is planned if inclement weather dictates. The race can be viewed from shore along most of its length.

PLU Men's Varsity 8+: Coxswain: Nikki Fast; Stroke:Bryan Pascoe; 7 Seat: Stephen Strom; 6: Mark Christensen; 5: Steve Rystrom; 4: Kyle Schroeder; 3: Nathan Lee; 2: Charlie Johnson; Bow: Henry Tolstedt. Port Alternate: Mitch Brown; Starboard Alternate: David Twietmeyer.

In addition to PLU, the men's varsity 8+ field includes the following: University of Washington 1, UW 2, UW 3, UW4, Washington State University 1, WSU 2, WSU 3, Lewis & Clark College, Oregon State University, and Western Washington University.

Women's Varsity 8+: Coxswain: Hannah Peay; Stroke: Taylor Brunstad; 7 Seat: Rachel Kisling; 6: Abby Smith; 5: Elaine Olbertz; 4: Cassie Miller; 3: Savannah Schneider; 2: Hallie Peterson; Bow: Megan Miller. Port Alternate: Yvonne Garton; Starboard Alternate: Merrick Keim; Coxswain Alternate: Alison Holzmann.

In addition to PLU, the women's varsity 8+ field includes University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University 1, WWU 2, Portland State University, Lewis & Clark College, University of Victoria, Seattle U. 1, SU 2.

The goal for the PLU rowers, said first-year head coach Thomas Schlenker, is to "get a read on how well training is going this fall, and how effective they are on race day."

LUTE NOTES: Cassie Miller (new recruit) and Megan Miller (returning varsity) are racing together in the Women's Varsity 8+ this weekend. The Men's Varsity 8+ will be rowing the "Idunn" on Sunday, the varsity racing shell dedicated last weekend. The Idunn was purchased several months ago thanks to the efforts and contributions of several friends of the program and alums, with the aid administrators from Upper Campus and the Athletics Department.