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Recruiting - Did You Know?

Choosing the right college is tough, but the Pacific Lutheran University Department of Athletics wants to help. By providing information about some of the most common questions prospective student-athletes and their parents ask us about admission, scholarships, recruiting and tryouts, we hope to prepare you to make the right choice! 

Did you know that PLU has rolling admissions and begins reviewing applications on October 1 of each year?

  • PLU builds its pool of admitted students around four admission decision dates. Students who complete their applications prior to the 15th of October, November, December and January can expect an admission decision and notification of academic merit scholarships prior to the next decision date. Applications received after January 15th will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Applications will not be reviewed until all application materials have been received:
    • Undergraduate Application - PLU's online application is free. PLU is also a member of the Common Application- 
    • Transcripts from all high school and colleges attended. Transcripts must be sent directly from the school to PLU
    • Test scores from the SAT and/or the ACT
    • Personal Essay of at least 250 words
    • Academic reference from a principal, teacher or counselor
  • Visiting PLU is one of the most important things you will do during your college search. For that reason, we hope you take us up on our invitation to visit campus.  During your visit, we encourage you to meet with a coach, meet with an admissions counselor, take a tour of campus, attend a class and stay overnight.  When you do, you’ll become better acquainted with the special atmosphere at PLU. For more information, applications, and to schedule a visit go to


Did you know the NCAA does not allow members of Division III to award any type of scholarship or financial aid based on athletic ability, but over 97% of PLU students receive some form of financial assistance? 

Financial aid basics and tips to help students through the financial aid process:

  • Over 97% of PLU students receive some form of financial assistance
  • Apply as early as possible—The earlier students apply, the earlier they will know about scholarship and financial aid opportunities. No student can be awarded financial aid without completing his or her PLU application for admission.
    • Regents’ and President’s Scholarship Deadline: December 1
    • ALL prospective student should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) during the month of January for priority financial aid consideration
    • Financial Aid awards begin as early as March—if a student applies after this time (for admission or for aid) a financial aid award will be sent out as information is received

Additional information and cost calculators can be found at


Did you know that there are 450 total member institutions in DIII? That means DIII is the NCAA’s largest division with approximately 40% of the total membership.

What Does DIII Athletics Have To Offer?

  • DIII athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular opportunities offered on DIII campuses
  • DIII playing season and eligibility standard minimize conflicts between athletics and academics, allowing student-athletes to focus on their academic programs and the achievement of a degree
  • DIII offers an intense and competitive athletics environment for student-athletes who play for the love of the game, without the obligation of an athletics scholarship
  • DIII athletics departments place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on the spectators. The student-athlete’s experience is of paramount concern
  • DIII athletics departments are dedicated to offering broad-based programs with a high number and wide range of athletics participation opportunities for both men and women
  • DIII features student-athletes who are subject to the same admissions standards, academic standards, and support services as the general student body. The integration of athletics with the larger institution enables student-athletes to experience all aspects of campus life


Did you know that at Division III, a PLU coach can begin recruiting you at anytime? 

Unlike at DI or DII there is no recruiting calendar and no limit on the number and timing of contacts a PLU coach has with you via phone, email or text. There is, however, a restriction on a coach’s ability to make contact with you at a practice, game or tournament. Although there is no restriction on the number or timing of the observation of a recruit at practice, competition, or at tournaments, coaches are not permitted to make contact with your (or your parents/guardians) off campus until the conclusion of your junior year in high school.


Did you know that while you’re visiting PLU, the coach cannot observe you participating in recreational activities (open gym, playing catch, hitting with PLU athletes, etc.) or it is considered a “tryout”?

Tryouts are prohibited, and it is impermissible for an athletics department coaching staff member to observe or conduct physical workouts or other recreational activities designed to test your athletics ability (bylaw A coach may observe you during one of your practices or game, but cannot conduct activities to evaluate your athletics ability while you are on campus. Once you are admitted to PLU and have paid your deposit, your coach will let you know when tryouts and practices are held.  


Did you know that if you are currently at a NCAA Division I or Division II institution, or a NAIA institution, your current school must provide a “Permission to Contact” letter before a PLU coach can talk with you about the possibility of transferring to PLU?   

This letter must be provided by your current institution and mailed or emailed ( to the PLU Athletic Department, Attention: Compliance. If you are currently at a NCAA Division III institution, you may issue your own release (Self Release form link) to allow PLU coaches to make contact about a potential transfer. You must mail or email the completed form to the PLU Athletics Department. Once received, you will have a 30-day privacy period where no one can tell your current coach that you are considering a transfer. The Self Release Form can be found here


Did you know that PLU has a team physician who comes to campus once a week to see injured student-athletes in the athletic training room? 

PLU Athletics currently contracts with Multicare, a comprehensive network of doctors, clinics and hospitals throughout South Puget Sound, to provide medical coverage for our sports and athletes.


Did you know why athletes choose to attend PLU?

To be part of a team:

"The PLU Swim Team is more than just a group of individuals working together towards a common goal. It is a tight knit family incorporated with your closest friends. Being a part of this team has not only brought about the greatest memories of my college career, but has instilled upon me the ability to push myself to greater lengths than I ever thought possible." -Chase Medford, Men’s Swimming, Anthropology, 2012

"Even though swimming is viewed as individualistic sport, having the team aspect has contributed to my success in both the program and my training. Coming to campus my first year, I instantly had 40 new friends! The support and motivation from my teammates is everything I could ever ask for (and more) being a student athlete." -Kina Ackerman, Women’s Swimming, Communications: Public Relations/Advertising Concentration, 2014

"Being a part of a team means to me having an awesome support system you can count on to help you out during practices and especially races, and this is what I have seen at PLU. The team atmosphere has influenced my experience at PLU because it makes meets and especially practices so much fun. The team at PLU is absolutely amazing and has given me a community which I can always count on." -Melissa Dean, Women's Swimming, Accounting, 2016

To be a Student-Athlete: 

“To me, a student-athlete isn't putting one identity before the other. I believe that the student and the athlete coexist and it'sall part of being who we are. It takes commitment and discipline, both academically and in the sport. It's all one game andbalancing the two is just part of it. I think the best student-athletes are the ones who stabilize this balance, because it meansyou are ready 100% of the time for what ever task it at hand. I force myself to study earlier in the evening so I can go to bed early enough and have enough sleep for the morning's practice as well as the rest of my day full of classes. On the women's cross country team we are all highly competitive on and off the course. Every aspect of our lives is as important as the next,and we strive for excellence in all of our performances.” -Alyssa Rowland, Women’s Cross Country, Psychology, 2014

“The teachers oftentimes have extended office hours and try to be available for all students and truly care about helping them understand the material. All the professors I have had were totally understanding about the traveling for athletics and they urged me to come to see them in office hours if I needed extra help. Most professors here are friendly and awesome!” -Bethany Huston, Volleyball, Biology, 2014

To participate in more than one sport:

"Being about to play two sports at this academically rigorous college was a huge reason why I chose PLU. Playing both basketball and doing track these last three years has truly enhanced my college experience. I'm very thankful for the support and encouragment of my coaches and all the PLU athletic staff who has made being a multi-sport athlete possible." -Sam Potter, Track & Field and Women's Basketball, Financial Mathematics, 2014

"When I was looking for a school I wanted to be able to continue to follow my passion for competitive distance running. It was important for me to be able to compete in its two main aspects: track and field and cross country. It would been difficult for me to give up one or the other. The transition between the two sports has always been seamless and simple." -Alan DenAdel, Cross Country and Track & Field, Math, 2014

"I chose plu in order to participate in two sports I am passionate about. At many universities this is not possible. I am very lucky to be at a school where they are so supporting and accommodating of multi-sport athletes." -Katelyn Smith, Track & Field and Women's Basketball, Exercise Science, 2013

To be highly competitive:

"Thinking about the quote 'make the big time where you are,' PLU athletes stand by that. Just because we are a division three institution does not mean we are any less competitive than others, we make it the "big time" here, together as a team we push each other to strive to do the best we can in the classrooms and on the field. A bond that connects you in all aspects of your life is much stronger than a bond that only takes place on the field, court, track or in the pool. PLU has many student athletes that compete in the classroom as well as on the field, striving to be the best well rounded individuals that we can be!" -Montessa Calafano, Softball, Psychology, 2014

“PLU Athletics is a very competitive member of the Northwest Conference. In my experiences as a member of the National Champion PLU Softball team, the top two teams in the World Series were members of the Northwest Conference. With that level of competition always around during the season, it causes us to always compete at our highest level. This level of competition is not only in softball, but is in all sports that we have here at PLU. It's a great community and family to be a part of.” -Amanda Hall, Softball

For more information about applying, majors, scheduling a visit, and financial aid, please visit PLU Office of Admissions.